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My Beginning...

  • Native to the area
  • Thirty year educator
  • Active in the community

     My name is David Seiler and I grew up outside Shumway. If you are unfamiliar with the Effingham area, Shumway is about five miles west of Effingham on Rt. 33. My parents were Kenny and Marian (Waldhoff) Seiler. Dad ran the Sunoco gas station by the interstate for most of his adult life. Mom raised four kids and helped wherever was needed. 
     I went through the Beecher City school system with pretty much the same forty or so classmates who I still consider friends and see regularly. The root of my academic interest must be credited to our absolutely wonderful grade school teachers. I can't thank them enough for instilling in us a love of learning. 
     I attended Lake Land College (AS-1985), Eastern Illinois University (BA-1987, MA-1996) and Indiana State University (PhD-2017). Since 2000, I have taught History at Lake Land College. Prior to Lake Land, I taught high school social studies in Effingham (St. Anthony 1988-89, Effingham High School 1989-2000).   I've been married to Susan (Huston) Seiler for almost 30 years, have three children and we live in Effingham. 
     I'm a firm believer finding common ground. Even though many of us have strong views on the various issues, we have to come together to talk through the issues and find a consensus. I believe my life experiences have led me to a point where I can help make that happen. Together, we can fix Illinois. I would appreciate your support. Thanks for reading.


Why am I running?  Illinois government is broken and needs a path to recovery ASAP. But as a history teacher, I know Illinois used to work well. I'm convinced there are some lessons from the past that can aid us in resetting our course. Together, let's fix Illinois. 

— Dave seiler, candidate for the 107th


The Illinois 107th Representative District stretches from Effingham/Teutopolis on the east, Greenville/Pierron on the west and Centralia to the south.  In the middle of the district is Vandalia and Salem.  Not sure if you're in the 107th?  Shoot me a message at Seilerfor107th@gmail.com

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View on the budget

The budget crisis that dragged out for years didn’t fix the structural problems of the Illinois tax system but it did inject needed revenue into the system to avoid downgrades in our credit rating. No one would deny that the increase on the lower end income levels was burdensome but the flat Illinois income tax continued the much lighter burden on upper income folks.

And when it comes to blame, there is plenty to spread around on both sides.

Leaders should look at the situation and explain in a reasonable manner what needs to be done to solve economic problems instead of painting death spiral scenarios intended to advance their own political agendas. This latter approach exacerbates the problems instead of leading to long-term solutions.



registered voters in the 107th during the 2016 general election 


total votes cast in the 2016 election 


voter turnout in the 2016 general election (107th district)


The key to winning an election is voter turnout.  How do we get people to the polls?  

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 At the Centralia Eaual Pay Rally in March 2018.    

At the Centralia Eaual Pay Rally in March 2018. 



Get Involved

But what can one person do? I’m glad you asked … here are a few suggestions:

1. Find out when the local central committee of your political flavor meets, start attending and become involved.

2. Volunteer to be a precinct committee member or precinct captain. It’s rare that a county committee has all their spots filled so you can be appointed to a spot after the committee reorganization in March.

3. If your own precinct spot is empty, the committee could appoint you OR better yet you could file right now as a write-in candidate. The law in Illinois requires that you file with the County Clerk as a write-in before the election and a precinct committee candidate must receive at least ten properly submitted write-in votes in order to win. While that might sound daunting or not worth the effort, it’s actually good politics to engage your friends and neighbors into the political process to that degree. Let me know … I will help.

4. Consider running for an office higher than precinct committee member. In my home county, I know there are empty candidacies for both parties for county board seats. The County Central committee of each party can appoint candidates for the November election sometime after the primary election.

5. If you are absolutely sure you couldn’t serve on County Board, think about whom you know that would be a good possibility and ask them to do it. Then ask them again because it’s almost certain they will say no the first time. And if that person declines then ask them to help you come up with another possibility. County Board seats are two or four year labors of love because no one runs for the great pay but they are absolutely essential to the proper function of government.

6. Not entirely happy with your current line of work? Or just fired up to serve? Consider running for an elected position that is a full-time job. In my county, Democratic candidates are needed for all of the open executive office candidacies: Treasurer, County Clerk, Sheriff, Assessor… I might be forgetting one or two. The party central committee can appoint candidates after the March primary. Maybe a wave is coming. Maybe it’s not. The only guaranteed way to not win is to not run.

7. There are still larger opportunities. No one filed to run for the 54th State Senate seat as a Democrat. The district stretches from here to the southern part of Metro-east. There is a need for a Dem candidate to run against Brad Holbrook for the 102nd state rep race. That district stretches from Shelbyville over to Paris.

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