Service is important

op 3 001 (2).jpg

I learned service from a young age.  Here I am with mom and dad receiving a beautification award from the City of Effingham. 

(You never saw so many pink petunias!)

petunia bed 001.jpg

I was one of the petunia pluckers. 

Notice the empty lot where Wal Mart is today.  The Standard Station in the background would be the parking lot for TGIFriday's today. 

operation pride 2 001.jpg

Another pic with dad

station 001.jpg

1971 maybe? 

This is the site of Panda Express today. 

sunoco 2.jpg

Sometimes I got to wash windows at the full service pumps.  

ecta 001.jpg

I served as president of the ECTA when big glasses were apparently still in style.


Scholar Bowl coach at EHS

A few FB friends will recognize themselves here at the Lake Land College tournament. 

(I'll leave you guessing a bit) 


A great group of officers for the Central Committee to assist a Chairman who had a lot to learn. 

lisa madigan 001.jpg

Meeting people is one of the best parts of being Chairman.  :-)

Steve Dasenbrock, Lisa Madigan and myself

edn book 005.jpg

Assisted on EDN project by writing a chapter about Effingham governance entitled, "Dreamers and Doers" 

st a history book 001.jpg

Helped as well with the St. Anthony Parish history, 1958-2008. 

LLCFA 001.jpg

Presented Outstanding Service Award by my Lake Land College colleagues and nominated at the state level. 

spelling bee 001.jpg

Sponsored the Beecher City Grade School spelling bee for the last few years. 

Because it would make Mrs. Himes happy!